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BattleZone Archery - Arrows

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Battlezone Arrow 76cm black shaft

A 30” long, high grade, rugged epoxy-glass resign arrow shaft guarantees maximum durability, even under the tough conditions of BZA. Optimised to the usual draw weight of bows that are usually used in BZA, it does not only provide a pleasing design, but also an outstanding accuracy. 

Developed for the application in BZA and other extremely tough employment, the captive flights provide maximum durability and arrow lifetime. The amply dimensioned plastic feathers provide best stability and maximum marksmanship, even on great distances. 5 standard colours (red, blue, green, black and night glow) are available from stock.

The aerodynamically optimised safety head and the selected high grade components provide unique reach and marksmanship, without increasing the arrow’s maximum energy. Professional, industrial production guarantees an invariable high quality.

This results in unmatched accuracy and more than 50m (55 yards) striking distance @ 30lbs x 28”)!